Meet Jason Lewis: classical guitar player, skater, and budding neuroscientist. Learn more about his journey as a musician and how he's planning on putting these three different things together in his future. A From the Top video.



I’m a half-black, half-jewish neuroscience and classical guitar major at the University of Southern California. Years of family dinner debates crafted my identity and interests, and upon those I created my personal artistic statement:

music may be a universal language but only if you speak it. 

I learned from fifteen years of studying guitar that there is no such thing as an intellectual cap. Even with just 6 strings and a soundboard, goals grow faster than progress. In an attempt to close this gap, I attended Interlochen Arts Academy and began to truly “love” the guitar. In musical terms love means sacrifice, despair, and intense euphoria. I earned the Young Arts Award, aired on NPR’s From the Top performing both poetry and music, and won the Walgreen's National concerto competition for the Midwest Young Artist association. I do not compete for myself, but rather to represent my instrument. To display the guitar on a pedestal in the classical music scene through prestige and exposure. 

Music performance is due for a revolution. I want to break the fourth wall and cultivate intimacy between the performer and audience. In the next few years I hope to integrate anthropology and music therapy with neurology to perform diagnostics in a foreign country whose cultural traditions conflict with the medical reality of neurological illnesses. I will learn the languages of their culture and teach them mine. 



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